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«Medical insurance for foreigners in case of covid-19 disease»

Why do you need insurance for foreign citizens against COVID-19 to enter Ukraine

After the resolution of the Parliament of Ukraine dated May 20, 2020, entry into the country for foreigners is prohibited due to the exacerbation of the epidemic. The exception is some categories of foreign citizens, such as:

  • students
  • relatives of people living in Ukraine
  • persons with an official work permit
  • athletes and cultural figures
  • politicians, diplomats, etc.

Thus, persons with foreign citizenship who have the right to visit Ukraine must necessarily buy medical insurance to enter Ukraine. By contacting our online store «Insurance-24», you can get insurance policy  covering COVID-19 infection in 5 minutes online at the best price.

The decree of the Parliament of Ukraine does not specify the details of obtaining a policy and rules for entering Ukraine. The only condition is the availability of valid insurance against the disease COVID-19, which was purchased in Ukraine, it should also cover not only treatment, but also observation.

Online medical insurance in case of covid-19 disease for foreigners to enter Ukraine

What to do if an insured event occurs?

If an insured event has occurred, you need to contact us by our phone number and report the situation. You will receive all the instructions you need. In case of documentary confirmation of a coronavirus infection, the client receives an insurance payment according to the tariff.

The insurance payment depends on the diagnosis and type of treatment. Follow the current information on insurance of foreign citizens from COVID-19 on our website.

Our insurance covers all medical services that are necessary to protect a client from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, namely:

- Services of the ambulance and medical services

- Transportation to a medical facility for further treatment

- Treatment in a hospital

- provision of medicines for inpatient treatment

- reimbursement of medical expenses associated with compulsory observation ..

Benefits of "Strahovka-24"

Our online insurance store is the leader in the field of insurance. “Stability and reliability” is not only our motto, but also the words that best describe our work. 30 years of our experience guarantees a professional approach and protection against risks. Numerous comments from satisfied customers confirm the quality of the service provided.

Getting insurance policy  online is especially important during a pandemic, as you don’t have to contact agents directly. If you are abroad and you do not have the opportunity to contact the insurance company directly, then it is especially convenient to simply order an insurance policy online and receive it immediately by e-mail. This method has many other advantages. We provide the safest and most reliable way to purchase a policy on the Internet.

We guarantee:

Round-the-clock customer support;

Registration of medical insurance policies online;

Prices for our policies are reasonable and affordable;

Fast registration and payment..

Payments are made through a secure payment system;

If you did not find the information you need, please contact us by contacts listed on the site, and our specialists will help you.

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